Before You start the ansys You must set the ansys environment related to the right ansys sersion:

Ansys 2020 Release 2: module purge; module load ansys/v2020r2

Ansys 2021 Release 2: module purge; module load ansys/v2021r2

Ansys 2022 Release 1: module purge; module load ansys/v2022r1

You can start the ansys workbench gui with the following command: wb

You can start the ansys product with the command

Fluent fluent
Ansys Electronic Desktop ansysedt
CFX cfx5
IcemCFD icemcfd
Icepak icepak
Optislang optislang
RSMClusterConfig rsmclusterconfig
Ansys Help System anshelp

Hint 1:
Please check with module list if a specific ansys environment is already active!
Mostly the appropriate ansys version is set permanently in Your account.

Hint 2:
Please change between different ansys version only for testing purposes!

FAQ 1:
How can I activate the „Beta Option Menues“?
In the Workbench GUI please goto Tools » Options » Appearance. Scroll down and switch on the „Beta options“ checkbox.

FAQ 2:
How can I get my personal ansys student license?
Ansys for students

CADFEM Ansys Newsletter

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