You can start Matlab with the following short commands

Version 2021b: m2021b
Version 2020b: m2020b
Version 2019b: m2019b
Version 2019b: m2018b

You can start Your matlab script (*.m file) as a batch job with the following generic command:
matlab.batch inputfile.m
Hint 1:
Please remove all graphical output from Your matlab script!
Hint 2:
For the usage of the generic batch job script matlab.batch inputfile.m You need to setup the right matlab environment eg. module purge; module load matlab/v2020b.
Hint 3:
For a more flexible batch job configuration You can find a job description file here: /usr/app-soft/matlab/matlab.lsf
Please copy this this file in a directory where Your *.m file is located and change it to Your needs. You can start Your Matlab Batch job with the command bsub < matlab.lsf

If the matlab environment ist not (!) set permanently in Your Account please set the right matlab version in Your current terminal with the command: module purge; module load matlab/v2020b.

You can check the current environment in a specific Terminal with the command module list

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