Remote Visualization FAQ

1. How can I start an interactive session?

Please login to and click on „Desktop Session“.

2. How can I list my running sessions?

Please login to and click on „Sessions“.
Please be aware: There is a maximum of one session per user!

3. What is the absolute runtime of an interactive session?

An interactive session has a runtime (… wallclock time) of 12 days!

4. How can I finish my interactive session?

Please login to and click „Sessions“ and finish the interactive session by clicking the „x“ button.

5. How can I change or configure the resolution of my interactive session?

You can change the resolution of a running interactive session - dynamically by windows size.

6. How can I share my interactive to another user?

Please login to and goto „Sessions“. Right under the session preview You find a small „>“ sign - please click it and chose „Share“.

If You share it to a „Collaborator“ - the shared user can use mouse&keyboard on Your interactive session. If You shared the session only to a „Viewer“ the shared user can only „view“ without keyboard&mouse.

7. Where is the "Terminal"?

You find the „terminal“ Applikation here:
Applications » System Tools » Terminal

8. How about the maximum number of interactive Session per user?

The interactive session limit per user is „one“.

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